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By attending a San Jose and/or Pleasanton Bird Mart, all vendors agree to abide by
the Policies posted here, whether or not there is a signed Application on file.
All Policies are effective immediately, and pertain to both the
San Jose Bird Mart and Pleasanton Bird Mart, unless specifically noted otherwise.

Customer Complaints
Customer Pick-Up/Drop Off

Exterior Doors
Fair Market Pricing
General Rules

Outside Animals

Parking Lot Sales

Referral Incentive
Rule Enforcement
Space Cancellation
Space Refunds
Table/Chair Orders

Unweaned Baby Birds
Verbal Orders

General Rules

  1. Attending vendors agree to abide by the Policies listed here, even if a signed application is not on file.
  2. No sub-letting without written permission of San Jose or Pleasanton Bird Mart.
  3. You cannot set up on Mart day until you have paid in full.
  4. Full payment is due with your Application.
  5. Prices and information subject to change without notice.
  6. Booths are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis, and at the discretion of the Bird Mart.
  7. Please provide a copy of your resale permit for our files, if you haven't already done so. Once we have a copy, we don't need another one. Please be sure to keep your permit updated, or we will be fined $1,000 by the State of California, which will be passed on to you.
  8. Please bring something to cover your table tops.
  9. Please bring electrical cords (min 10 ft) and tape to cover cords and prevent tripping.
  10. Please allow 21 days for checks to clear the bank. If we receive your order within 21 days of a show, you will be asked to bring cash to replace your check.
  11. Vendors will not hold individual, private, or club drawings or raffles. Give-aways are welcomed.
  12. Vendors cannot hand out flyers, literature, business cards, or product samples from the front door. All items must be handed out from your paid table.
  13. There will be a $35.00 fee charged for insufficient funds.
  14. An Application does not guarantee booth space.
  15. We reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason.
  16. You agree to remain until the Mart is over before tearing down.
  17. You agree to clean up after yourself when the show is over: sweep up all seed, clean up spilled water, as well as food wrappers, debris, box strapping, cable ties, panduit, staples, etc. Break down cardboard boxes and place them where designated.
  18. You agree to park in designated areas, and not in loading docks.
  19. All items items sold must be legal to sell in California, and properly identified.
  20. All pets must be healthy and free of illness or injury, and in appropriately-sized cages (birds must be able to turn around, and the tail must not touch any exterior of the cage).
  21. Vendors are responsible for their pets sold.
  22. Anyone selling dogs must fill out the one-breed-only dog form.
  23. Obey all laws, while conducting business in an ethical and professional manner.
  24. Anyone setting up beyond their space borders will be billed for extra space(s) according to space occupied.
  25. Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting sales and taxes as required by the State of California, as appropriate for the City and/or County where the mart is held.
  26. Booth space is non-refundable.


  1. The public may not be inside the building outside of show hours.
  2. If sales are conducted outside these hours, the vendor will be cited a $50 fine for the first incident, and
    $100 for additional incidents.
  3. If sales are conducted with a customer who is not wearing a wristband, the vendor will be cited a $50 fine for the first incident, and $100 for additional incidents.
  4. If a vendor invites a customer inside the building (who has not paid), the vendor will be fined $100 per incident.
  5. If there is a third incident, you may be expelled from our shows.
  6. There is onsite security overnight.

No Parking Lot Sales

Parking lot sales will not be tolerated. If you have customers who are picking up an order, you can either:

  1. Deliver it to their home/business.
  2. Have them come to your business.
  3. Have them pick up the order inside the show, during show hours.
  4. See the fines in the Security section.

Customer Pick-up/Returns/Drop-off

If a customer is picking up, returning, exchanging, or dropping off an item, they must pay to enter the building. You cannot go outside to conduct business. See fines under Security.

Customer Complaints

Do not send customers with complaints (about you) to us. If you have problems with your customers, work it out. If we receive more than 2 complaints about a vendor, you may be expelled from our shows without warning.

Outside Animals

Outside animals are sometimes allowed to come inside the San Jose Bird Mart, at our discretion. If someone wants a pet sexed, and they are not allowed inside the building, they will have to call you to meet them outside. It is not our responsibility to come and find you. Please provide the customer with your cell phone number. Currently, you can bring your pets birds inside the Pleasanton show.

Exterior Doors

For insurance purposes and security, all exterior doors must remain closed during show hours.

  • If you go outside, please lock the door behind you and re-enter through the front door.
  • If you are caught propping a door open during the show, you will be fined $25 per incident; no exceptions.
  • Exterior doors will not be re-opened (at show end) until all customers have vacated the building.
  • If we hire more security to cover the doors that you prop open, expect to pay higher booth fees.
  • Do not open the doors to load up for home early. The show ends at 3pm, and all doors must remain closed so we can secure the building.

Unloading/Set Up

Set-up hours are Noon-4pm Saturday and 6am Sunday. Anyone unloading after 4pm Saturday, and 8:30am Sunday will be charged $50 per hour. People get flat tires and arrive on time; so should you.

Unweaned Baby Birds

There will be no unweaned, baby bird sales at any San Jose or Pleasanton Bird Marts, regardless of building location. A weaned bird is one that no longer requires ANY hand feeding, and it has eaten on its own for at least seven days with NO supplemental hand feeding.

Fair Market Pricing

Some vendors are creating price wars by under-cutting prices, especially late in the day.

  • You must post all prices on your animals, along with a description of the animal(s).
  • If you cut prices, it will be difficult to raise prices back up later.
  • Stick to fair market prices.
  • Maintaining prices deters customers from arriving late and hanging around for fire sales.

Referral Incentive

If you refer a new or returning vendor (who has not attended in over one year) to us, and that vendor comes to at least 2 shows, you will receive a 10% discount on your next order (after they attend both shows). The referred vendor must tell us that you referred them.

Rule Enforcement

If you see a vendor breaking any rules, and you report it to us, we
will give you a 10% discount on your next order. We will maintain confidentiality. The incident must be verifiable. We must work together to keep everyone honest. Your participation helps make a better and safer show for everyone.


  • You are entitled to 2 wristbands for 1 or 2 booths, with a maximum of 2 wristbands for 3 spaces.
  • You will be charged full door price for anyone over these limits.
  • Anyone paying door price will not be allowed inside the building outside of show hours.
  • Friends, family, or other visitors are required to pay the full door price, and cannot enter the show outside of public hours.
  • Wristbands or handstamps are worn by all members of the public.
  • Anyone without a wristband or hand stamp will be escorted to the front door.
  • Do not make a sale to anyone not wearing a wristband or hand stamp. If you are caught selling to people without wristbands or hand stamps, you will be charged for their full-price show entry, and you will pay a $50 fine.
  • See fines under Security.

Early-pay Discount

  • To receive discounted spaces, you must pay in full for all spaces, including, tables and chairs, at the previous bird mart.
  • Additional items ordered after an order has been placed, and paid for, will cause the entire order to be at the higher rate, even if it's only a table or other small item. (For example, if you pay for one discounted space, then add a second space later, both spaces will be at the higher rate.)
  • Spaces ordered and/or paid for after a mart date are a higher rate.
  • Last-minute orders are charged a higher rate.

Verbal Orders

You can now order spaces verbally either over the phone or by email. That means you can pay a deposit early to get discounts.

  • The timed pricing structure remains the same, meaning that if you don't pay the balance until the last minute, you will pay more.
  • All verbal orders require a $100 non-refundable deposit.
  • There is a $10 online handling fee, and $100 is credited towards your order.
  • Send using PayPal, a debit, or credit card to payments@herpworldexpo.com.
  • You can also mail a check or money order for $100 (no handling fee), but it must be postmarked according to the payment schedule on the application.
  • You are obligated to pay for the spaces, whether or not you show up.
  • No checks accepted within 21 days prior to any mart.
  • If you cancel or don't show up, you will be billed for those spaces.
  • Fees for cancelled spaces are due and payable immediately.
  • All balances must be paid prior to 9am show day.
  • Any payments made after 9am will be charged a late fee of $50.

Space Cancellation

If you do not attend a Bird Mart after you have reserved or fully paid for a space, it is considered a cancellation, regardless of the circumstances. If you have paid a deposit or partial payment, you owe the full price of the space. See Space Refunds.

If you pay for a space, and you do not attend the Bird Mart, you may lose some money depending on when you cancel (see Space Refunds). If you order a space with a check that cannot clear the bank before the show, you still owe the money, even if you do not attend the show.

You may qualify for a refund, or credit towards the next Bird Mart.

Space Refunds

If you cancel


And, you also get

30 days prior to event 100% 0% towards the next Bird Mart.
22-29 days prior to event 50% 25% towards the next Bird Mart.
0-21 days prior to event 0%* 0%* towards the next Bird Mart.

*If we are unable to sell your space, you will forfeit 100% of your money, you will not receive a refund, and no money will go towards the next Bird Mart.

Refunds are processed and mailed within 30 days of a qualifying event.

Table/Chair Orders

  • Tables and chairs must be ordered before 14 days prior to the show.
  • Any tables/chairs ordered after the early-pay will incur a higher rate.
  • Cancellations of table/chair orders within 14 days of a show will be charged the full rental amount.
  • If tables/chairs are ordered within 14 days of a show, and a cancellation occurs, you will be billed at the higher rate.
  • There are no refunds for Table/chair orders.
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