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New Discount Procedures

Get your tickets online before the show.

What we are doing? Discount postcards have been discontinued. You can still get discounts by purchasing tickets online.

Online Tickets - There will be a General Admission (adults), Kids, and VIPs.

VIP Ticket Details (below is a list of what may be offered at any time; items may vary)

  • VIP tickets can only be purchased online
  • VIP tickets are only available up to 11pm Wed. before each show
  • VIP tickets are a Huge Value
  • VIPs Get Special Treatment
  • Early-bird entry at 9am
  • Avoid long lines and bring receipt or smart phone (with square bar code) to the front of the line
  • Enter early and see the goods before anyone else
  • Get the best deals
  • Save the most money
  • All sales are final
  • No refunds or exchanges offered
  • We offer special perks that may change for each show.
  • Optional prizes: FREE Prize Tickets; FREE Pet Carrier; FREE Goodies inside the Goodie Bag
  • Limited Availabiality - VIP tickets will sell out early, so get yours today!

Benefits of Online Tickets

  • There will now be two lines: the regular line for the cashier, and a second line for you with advance tickets purchased
  • You can purchase your tickets ahead of time
  • Discounts are immediate with online purchase
  • You won't have to wait for a mailing to get your discount
  • Online ticket holders can skip the casher window at the mart
  • Skip the long line. Bring your receipt (with square bar code) to the front of the line
  • Go green by bringing your receipt (with square bar code) on your smart phone.
  • No more filling out entry cards at the mart
  • No need to carry cash or a credit card, or visit the ATM before entry to the mart
  • You get to enter the building quicker and start shopping immediately
  • You can now get the best shopping deals before anyone else
  • Find the best selection of items and pets before anyone else
  • You will be a happier customer with this new process
  • We hope to gain new customers through this streamlined process
  • The new process will save time, money, frustrated customers, as well as printing, addressing, mailing, updating, and save paper.
  • We listened to your comments. Thank you for your input!
Email List
  1. You can still join our email list to receive notifications of all shows.
  2. Just prior to each show, you will receive emails about that particular show, along with any special show information.
  3. Being an email list member does not mean that you will receive a discount. You must purchase tickets online to receive discounts.
  4. Join our email list here.

All rules are effective immediately, unless stated otherwise. Rules may change without notice.

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